Poynter interviews Dan Rather about new film "Truth"

This is an excellent Q & A with the “fallen” media icon, by columnist James Warren at Poynter.org (you should go over and read everything he has written). The film about the incident that destroyed Rather’s career, “Truth,” was just released this week. It is a fascinating moment in history but DON’T GET ME STAHTED.  CBS, the network that threw Rather out, has banned advertising for the film on its airwaves. 

Rather says, 
“The movie is to me less about myself, Mary Mapes or former President Bush. What it is about is what has happened to the news, why it has happened and why you should care about it. I think it is a multi-layered story about the intersection of media, a powerful corporation and their powerful political allies, and propaganda. I don’t know if anybody will be interested in this, it was so long ago, but I hope people will see it and make up their own minds.”

IMAGE: Dan Rather in Afghanistan, 2011, Senior Airman Kat Lynn Justen courtesy United States Air Force